Abudi Alsagoff & Abir Kot in The Heat newspaper!

Abudi and Abir was featured in TheHeat newspaper! Here is their story!



RUNNING, climbing, swinging, jumping, rolling – these are all part of parcel of parkour. The sport, which is rapidly gaining fame around the world, is generally defined as a discipline that uses one’s body movement to traverse any terrain as swiftly and fluidly as possible with efficiency, grace and precision.

Abudi Alsagoff, 23 and partner Mudabbir Ahmad, 24, picked up the the sport about seven years ago, and have been performing Parkour professionally for five years. Abudi founded the Alpha Parkour Movements, a professional Parkour group in 2012 when he saw there was rising demand for the extreme sport in Malaysia. The group have been hired as stunt doubles in movies and performed in various TV dramas, commercials and even corporate launches.

The duo also participated in international competitions. Abudi was the champion in 2011 Indo Freerun championship, while Mudabbir is the champion for 2013 Parkour Malaysia championship.

At Superfly Parkour Showdown 2013 in Singapore, Mudabbir won the first runner-up position while Abudi was the second runner-up.


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