Abudi Alsagoff in Santorini – Parkour

Abudi Alsagoff jumps in beautiful island of Santorini, Greece doing parkour and freerunning

03rd May

Putrajaya Bridge Climb – Alpha Parkour

Professional athletes climbs the famous Putrajaya bridge WITHOUT any safety harness!

18th May

Abudi Alsagoff & Abir Kot in The Heat newspaper!

Abudi and Abir was featured in TheHeat newspaper! Here is their story!...

05th Dec

JumpStreet Asia Malaysia first trampoline park

On 31 May 2014 Malaysia’s first trampoline park opened it’s doors. It...

05th Nov

Zafir at the Malaysia trampoline park JumpStreet KL

The first trampoline park in Malaysia is now available! JumpStreet KL is...

26th Oct

Meeting the top freerunners in the world!

Abudi Alsagoff went to a trip to Santorini island in Greece to...

12th Oct

Shout out to Raccoon Brand

Raccoon Brand interviewed Abudi Alsagoff on his night and rooftop missions and...

09th Oct

First indoor Parkour & Freerunning gym in Malaysia!

Malaysia's first indoor gym, AOXM! Details and grand opening videos and photos inside!

02nd Apr

New featured videos January 2014!

New videos featured this month of January 2014 including the local scene videos and must-watch and not to be missed videos from all over the world!

01st Feb

Parkour Malaysia Freerunning Community Jam 2013

Freerunning Jam 2013 in Malaysia! Check what it is like on the jam on that day! Experience quality Malaysian freerunning with the local freerunning bosses!

02nd Jan

Superfly Parkour Showdown 2013 in Singapore!

On December 8th 2013, the first Parkour challenge in Singapore was held...

10th Dec

Dua video baru di dalam Parkour Malaysia scene.

Video baru di channel Abir. Freerunning in KLCC is now a privilege. We haven't freerun near the twin towers in a while now, so we went back there. And Alep nailed a few new jumps.

18th Nov

Alpha Movements Instagram!

Hello peeps! Apa khabar semua? Tau tak yang Alpha Movements have our...

28th Oct
Stunt double

Team Alpha Movements di Melaka bersama Red Bull!

Jason Paul and the A-Team in Malacca!

15th Sep

11 perkara perlu diketahui oleh semua pelatih Parkour di Malaysia

Red Bull interviewed Alpha Movements a few months ago. And released an article about things Malaysians should know more about Parkour!

30th Aug
Pro Alpha Movements

Recent Malaysia Scene Videos!

Hey guys, This week we have seen a few addition of Malaysia...

30th Jul

Video Parkour Wajib Ditonton

Newest parkour videos that are a must-watch for everyone!

02nd Jun


On the 30th to the 31st March 2013, Alpha Movements is one of the sponsor to the EXTREME OUTDOOR SHOWCASE event in AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

04th Apr
Alpha Movements

New PARKOUR Viral video!

Check this new video of ours if you haven’t! Don’t miss it!!...

14th Mar

Why practice Parkour?

We can see that many people are practising parkour these days, AND ALSO many people want to start. Learn how!

04th Mar

Parkour Untuk Yang Baru Bermula : 5 Gerakan Mudah Dikuasai

Once you have seen the sweet moves of a Parkour skilled cruising at high-speed through the city, pushing fencing and tables at will and going from walls to walls, you might get a wishing to begin learning some Parkour for yourself. Parkour is a name given to the ninja-like method going around challenges with rate, efficiency, and a usually an excellent deal of grace. The excellent thing is that the fundamentals of Parkour are fairly primary – operating, going up, going down, going over, etc. – but the trick is to be able to then do all of those techniques one after another, and keep upright and going.

02nd Feb
Zaki parkour

3 SECRETS to get good precision jumps!

RAHSIA mendapatkan lompatan precision yang bagus dan jauh dalam Parkour! HOW to get good and far precision jumps!

26th Nov
Precision Stride easily done

Parkour FreeRunning Malaysia

For several years parkour have landed in Malaysia, since 2002 after the...

30th Oct
Abudi Alsagoff two step wall flip

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06th Oct
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