First indoor Parkour & Freerunning gym in Malaysia!

This is the first indoor Parkour & Freerunning gym in Malaysia! If you’re looking for a safe place to start training Parkour, look no more!

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With a size of almost 1800sqft, this massive gym is built to accomodate every type of movements such as break dancing, capoeira, extreme martial arts, tricking and nonetheless Parkour & Freerunning.

Now finally in Malaysia, you will have your own training place that is adequate enough to cater to your training needs. Nevermind the hot weather, or even the rainy weather of Malaysia. You can train in a safe and an indoor training facility!

The floor plan, in case you want a clearer view of the gym.

aoxm floor plan

aoxm video promo shoot

With Mamad A.k and his brand new Sony FS700R

The grand opening was on the 30th March 2014, hundreds of movements enthusiasts came down to experience what it is like to train in a safe environment.

aoxm grand opening

grand opening, people still rocking until late at night!

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